Our Top Level teams are put together with many of the finest players in Western, PA.  We strive to have championship caliber teams that are capable of competing with the highest level of competition.  We take pride in our "family atmosphere".  Top Level gives players an opportunity to be a part of a premier program. 

Hard Work

"OutWork Everyone"

Top Level All-Stars provides this online resource to further enhance your knowledge of our program. Here you can find information about  our  mission, our sponsors, and  our results. You can even meet our coaches, players, and view a picture gallery of all the non-stop action!

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"The ELITE AAU Hoops Program"

Our Goal

Our goal at Top Level is to assist our kids in becoming superior basketball players, as well as productive and respectful  young men and women.  We focus on building skills and pushing our athletes to perform at their highest potential.  In the midst of our 9th year of existence, we have proven to be The ELITE AAU Program in Western, PA. 

Our Team